International EVENTS



Holy Prayer Connect

A Time to connect by Praying & Fasting, every second Monday. International we seek the Lord & Pray as Spirit leads!

Holy Flow Q&A

A time to come discuss the things of Holy Spirit, all based on scripture & revelation of God. We share on what Lord has been teaching us in, asking questions & getting answers all from Spirit of Most Living God!

Holy Bible Study

A Time to come & dive into scripture, rooted in seeking to understand Jesus the Man & God through every word study, book study or Spirit lead challenge we partake in!


Where does it Happen?

All events on will occur on The RIght Generation Shiloh, Make sure to join if you want to stay connected to the international body of Christ, as it is growing daily & Many amazing things are happening across the world! Come join say hello & introduce yourself?

When Do Events Happen?


Life Changing Impact

Yall my electric has been off for a Couple days today i came home my electric was on i called to find out they said SOMEONE paid $600 and i have no idea who it was. God is AMAZZZZING”


Community Member

Hi everyone a few weeks ago I was sucidal . I really thought of killing my self and the devil had convinced me but I talked to Leader and she texted me a prayer . I dedicated my life to Christ and I am now leaving for His glory. We had a prayer with my mum and I got filled with the Holy Spirit. I started speaking in tongues and his presence was all around me. Thank you to God and Glory to His name.


Community Member

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