The Mission

Understanding Eritrea’s Religious Landscape and Persecution

What Has Been Happening

Eritrea, a nation of stark beauty and resilient people, also bears the weight of one of the world’s most restrictive environments for religious freedom. Governed by a regime that has tightly controlled the country since its independence in 1993, Eritrea’s approach to religion is marked by severe limitations and oversight. The government officially recognizes only four religious groups: Sunni Islam, the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Evangelical Church of Eritrea. Members of unrecognized religions, particularly evangelical and pentecostal Christians, face persecution, harassment, and arrest.

The situation for Christians outside the sanctioned denominations is particularly dire. They are often subjected to raids, imprisonment, and torture. Believers are detained in harsh conditions, including in metal shipping containers under extreme temperatures, for their refusal to renounce their faith. These practices are part of a broader pattern of human rights abuses that include restrictions on free expression and assembly, affecting all Eritreans but particularly targeting those of faith.

This persecution and oppression creates a significant barrier to the spread of the gospel. Evangelizing, holding unsanctioned religious gatherings, or even owning religious materials can lead to severe repercussions. The government’s tight grip on information and communication further isolates the Eritrean people from the global community, including from spiritual teachings and support that could be provided through mediums like satellite TV.

People Have Hunger For True Encounter With Jesus

Despite these challenges, the hunger for spiritual truth and freedom persists among Eritreans. The courage and faith of believers in Eritrea are a testament to the power of the gospel and the Love of God for the people of Eritrea. It is within this context that Shilo TV operates, serving as a vital bridge to connect Eritrean believers with the wider body of Christ. By broadcasting encouraging, faith-filled content, Shilo TV offers spiritual sustenance and hope to those facing persecution and isolation.

Our Response to Persecution: The Mission of Shilo TV

In the face of Eritrea’s stringent restrictions on religious freedom, the mission of Shilo TV has become a lifeline, not just for spiritual sustenance, but as a beacon of miraculous transformation and divine intervention. Our satellite broadcasts, transcending geographical and governmental barriers, offer a sanctuary where Eritreans can connect with their faith, embracing the Word of God free from fear of surveillance and persecution.


A Haven for Spiritual Growth and Miracles

Through Shilo TV, viewers across Eritrea and the Horn of Africa receive much more than messages of hope; they are welcomed into a spiritual family where discipleship and teaching are part of daily life. With diverse programming that includes sermons, Bible studies, worship services, and children’s shows, we provide comprehensive spiritual nourishment that caters to all ages and walks of life.

Sunday services broadcasted on Shilo TV have become a communal experience for many who cannot openly attend church. Families and small groups gather around their televisions to worship, pray, and learn together, creating an unseen church without walls that stretches across the nation. This virtual congregation experiences the unity of the Body of Christ, growing in faith and understanding together.


Witnessing the Power of God

The impact of our ministry extends far beyond spiritual education; it is marked by tangible signs of God’s power and love. Viewers report experiencing profound miracles, healings, and deliverances as they engage with the content we broadcast. The blind see, the sick are healed, and those bound by chains of oppression and demonic influences are set free. These miracles are a testament to the faith of our viewers and the power of the gospel message that Shilo TV delivers.

Moreover, the spiritual realm that the Bible speaks of comes alive in the homes of our viewers, manifesting in ways that can only be described as divine. Testimonies of angelic visitations, supernatural peace, and guidance in times of desperation echo the biblical accounts of God’s intervention in the lives of His people. These experiences, often unexplainable by human logic, affirm the presence and power of God working through Shilo TV’s ministry, bringing the scripture to life in the most direct and personal ways.


Fostering Resilience and Community

Amidst persecution, the content we provide does more than educate; it empowers and equips the Eritrean faithful to endure and overcome. The stories of faith, testimonies of miracles, and teachings of Christ’s love and power foster a sense of community and belonging that transcends physical isolation. This spiritual solidarity is vital in a context where gathering in Jesus’ name can come with great risk.

Join Us in Prayer and Support

The mission of Shilo TV, fuelled by divine calling and unwavering faith, invites you to partake in a journey of extraordinary transformation. Each broadcast, each testimony of healing, and each story of deliverance is a beacon of God’s unfailing love and power. As we continue to reach out to the hearts and homes in Eritrea and beyond, we invite you to support, pray, and celebrate the remarkable ways in which the Lord is moving through our ministry.

Join Us in Witnessing the Miraculous

Together, let us witness the unfolding of God’s kingdom on earth, as we see the biblical promises of healing, freedom, and salvation come to life through the ministry of Shilo TV.